Why are YOU in customer service?

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Why are you doing this? Why are we really in customer service?


Hi there! You know, I had a thought today and it's kind of a big‑picture thought.

But I think the question is why are you, why are we in customer service?

Why are we doing this? It's hard. It's not necessarily what we intended to do as we were growing up, but here we are. And my answer to that is often, for me, it's very simple: I love people and I love data and so I love helping people and I love analyzing data. And those are the two things that really I enjoy about customer service.

But I think it's important in your role, whatever you're doing that you figure out why are you doing that? Why is it important to you? And I think as you continue to grow in your role or your career continuously asking and understanding more about why you're doing it will help you find joy every day,, that you're working.

So, have a good one. That's another walk in the woods.