Our dream and vision at CustomerHD is to create an organization where everyone who serves feels needed and known by the leaders of the organization and where everyone shares one common goal: to help people. “People helping people” is not just a tagline for us, it is a vision that Joe and I are committed to living out. We want to help our employees. We want to help our clients. And we want to help our client’s customers. We also want to help the world become a better place. That’s why our philanthropic efforts focus on people living better lives, being liberated and healing.

As for us, well, I started working with Joe in 2001 when he joined me at Art.com. Since then, Joe and I have worked together on multiple start‑ups. Joe is a highly respected entrepreneur in Raleigh, NC. He has also played a major role in starting multiple Inc. 500 companies. He has been a finalist for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in the Southeast. He built these companies with a direct focus on customer experience and customer service. During the past five years, he also chose to lead the world’s largest anti‑trafficking and anti‑modern slavery community called FreedomUnited.org. Even more importantly, he’s a family man who has a beautiful wife and three beautiful daughters ‑‑ Addison, Liza and Olivia. I feel lucky to have him come alongside me as we build CustomerHD together!

As for myself, I have spent the last 15 years leading customer service for both fast‑growing start‑ups and established businesses. I have worked for companies who have depended on customer service to differentiate themselves from their competitors. But after visiting call centers since 2007 and seeing the state of the industry and how people were treated, I gained perspective. I became determined to figure out a better way to do outsourced support. 

Just like my friend Joe, I married way above my status to Kelly who is my rock and biggest fan.  We do our best to be good parents to our kids ‑‑ Carter, Henry, and Kayla who inspire me every single day.

At CustomerHD, we are creating something different, we are building a culture where people feel valued. We believe that we can be a light that shines in the customer service industry, a place where people want to work. We are building a business committed to creating amazing customer service solutions with amazing people.

We both look forward to getting to know you better.

For Our Customers I Am,

Jonathan Keane
Co‑Founder and CEO