What are YOUR goals for your customer service team?

Jonathan Keane

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...And what are the companies goals for customer service?


Hey, when you've taken on a new customer service role where you're leading customer service for your company, you've got to think a little bit about what are the goals of the company?

You've got to talk to the senior leaders and figure out what are they looking for from customer service? And the answer can come down to usually three things, but there's a, there's a ton more but look at like average order value or conversion and potentially how that ties to lifetime value that's important.

Now, the second one is maybe you're on a subscription model, an important metric for a subscription model might be churn. And the third one that I'd really recommend looking at and this is what a lot of the big players look at is.

What's the return percentage? Can you improve the return percentage by really optimizing how you're doing customer service? If you're tied into those key business metrics, you're thinking about data, you're probably focused on the right things to get started and that should help you set off in the right direction.

This is a walk in the woods. Thanks a lot. Have a good one.