Question: When Should You Outsource?

Jon Keane


Well, the answer isn't always so simple. But how do you decide?


Hey, I was talking to somebody the other day about,, they were talking to me about where they were with customer service and looking for my advice and they were wondering whether or not they should outsource, which is always a great question.

And I think the first thing I recommend looking at when you're trying to make that determination is you've got to focus on data. Are you looking at when contacts are coming in? Are you looking at how many contacts you're getting in the morning? How many are you missing? And what's the impact of that to the business?

So really starts with data understanding, interval data. You want to look at how many contacts are coming in per every 15 minutes. You wanna look on weekends after hours and are you missing some of those, those contacts? And again, what impact does that have to your business? I hope that's helpful. Have a great one. This is another walk in the woods.