If you're a new leader in Customer Service, what do you even do first?

Jon Keane

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Here’s 3 quick wins for you.


Hi there. People often ask me as they've taken on a new leadership position to run customer service what's the first thing they should do? And my recommendation in that scenario is you've got to talk to senior management at the company about what are the objectives?

What are the metrics they're trying to drive through customer service. What can customer service impact and help the business with through good interactions? So I'm gonna give you three quick ones.

One is, can you improve conversion? Oftentimes they're looking to incr improve conversion or average order value which both impact the lifetime value of a customer. So that's one of the things that you're looking at that could potentially help you.

Another one is returns. Can you decrease returns through customer service? And that's something that a lot of the big players often look at.

And the third one is if you're running a subscription model, oftentimes you're gonna look at churn how many people are canceling? Are you able to positively impact the percentage of people that are canceling or stepping away from your product?

That's my two cents. Thanks for listening. This is another walk in the woods.